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Jette Frölich (1940) - designer

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2003 Royal Copenhagen Chocolate bowl
Item no.
EUR 26.86
Bisquit Glass 2016. Holmegaard Christmas
Item no.
Alt. nr.
EUR 53.99
Water glass 2017, Holmegaard Christmas
Item no.
EUR 20.21
Robin's Nest - Georg Jensen Christmas Mobile 1992
Item no.
Alt. nr.
EUR 94.81
Christmas bottle 2014, capacity 65 cl. Holmegaard Christmas
Item no.
Alt. nr.
EUR 40.56
Christmas bottle 2016, capacity 65 cl. Holmegaard Christmas
Item no.
Alt. nr.
EUR 40.56
Christmas bottle 2017, capacity 65 cl. Holmegaard Christmas
Item no.
Alt. nr.
EUR 40.56

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 Jette Frölich seen here with her Père Noël (Santa Claus)

Christmas has always had great influence on Jette Frølich life.

Jette Frölich told the Danish newspaper Politiken:

It has always been the highlight of the year, since I was a little girl. For me it was an adventure, and that is the feeling I have retained my entire life.

We know how life is, and you may therefore need to go into another world to withstand the real world, and that is what I use Christmas for; to enter an ideal world, where there are fairies and elves, where it is beautiful and adventurous and benefits the good and oppose everything unpleasant.

Christmas is Père Noël
When I was 19, I went to France to study, and experience my first Christmas outside Denmark and away from the family, my mother sent a handmade elf to me.

It was made by an elderly lady who had made a series of elves for Illums Bolighus, and mine was a Père Noël or Father Christmas.

It was the only Danish item I had. And it was good I had him because I was really disappointed with Christmas down there to begin with. It was my first Christmas without the family and without the traditions I grew up with, and it was comforting to know that my Père Noël sat in my room and waited while I celebrated Christmas in a whole new way.

Since then he followed me and comes back and sit on the couch every year. I have many Christmas things that mean something to me, but when he comes forward, I know it's Christmas.

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Here are some of the products Jette Frölich has designed:


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In 1966 Jette Frölich (Frølich) started to design paper decorations, after which
LIVE BETTER (Bo Bedre) published an article about her Christmas decorations in their big LIVE BETTER Christmas edition. Which made her known as the artist with the lovely Scandinavian Christmas art, Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments.

In 1973 bought Jette Frølich together with her family with 4 children a small handicraft company in Hørsholm, who made decorations from natural materials such as pine cones, etc. Danish Design Centre 'Permanent' presented her first Christmas collection this year. In 1974 made Jette Frölich her own Christmas show in her home. Gradually, her paper art became more popular than her pine cone decorations.

In 1976, asked Illums Bolighus her to decorate a 24 meter high Christmas tree and she was their Christmas decorator this year - At the same time she began to work with Royal Copenhagen. She celebrated in 2001 her 25th anniversary as Illums Bolighus' Christmas artist. Until now (2012) Jette Frølich has designed more than 15 different Christmas series for Royal Copenhagen and Holmegaard.
Jette Frölich now lives in Nærum outside Copenhagen, where she has created many of her Christmas series.

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