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DPH is a family business, where both Joergen Risager and his wife Inger Risager work together. Their daughter Lone Risager has worked for the company and been part of the daily work for years.
Jørgen Risager
Founded Danish Plate Trading, now known as DPH Trading, on February 1st 1972.
Joergen is the owner and manager of DPH Trading.

Joergen is fascinated with the computer's many abilities and possibilities. He has been a big part of making sure that DPH Trading is always in the front line regarding IT.

Joergen Risager is married to Inger Risager.
Inger Risager
Has been a part of DPH Trading since 1984. She is responsible for sales on the Scandinavian market of lamps and furniture.

Inger is a big influence when it comes trading items. Most of the decorations in the shop and in the pictures on the webside are also made by Inger, who has an eye for decorating.

Inger is married to Joergen Risager. and she is our office "mom", who see to that we are all well and satisfied in the office every day.
Lone Risager Therkelsen
Lone is second generation at DPH Trading and the daughter of Joergen and Inger Risager.

After graduating business school in 1986, Lone started working at DPH Trading as a helping hand during a busy season.

In this period Lone became fascinated by the trade with porcelain and antiques, and she is now the manager of DPH.

Lone is responsible for trading collectibles as well as dealing with the webshop, purchasing, and marketing.
Margit Hansen
Commercial educated and started in the company as a trainee. Afterwards Margit decided to continue working at DPH.

Margit is ready to answer your telephone call or write back to you on an email. She mainly deals with our online customers.

Margit is also a helping hand in the shop and has great experience both when it comes to selling lamps and collectibles.
Inge Jakobsen
Inge is educated in and has for many years worked with accounting.

For the last 10 years she has been our accountant, working part time with our financial statement.
Sofie Banke Madsen
Sofie has a masters in Media Studies and is hired as our communication manager and web editor. 

She works with our digital platforms, including our webpage, social media accounts, newsletters, as well as our marketing in general.

Sofie can also be found in the store, by the phone, as well as in the warehouse.
Martin Nanasbaum
Martin is from England, where he used to work as a car salesman for many years, among other things.

At DPH he works in warehouse where he is part of packaging orders so that they are ready for shipment.

Martin is also a man of all trades who is a helping hand wherever he is needed at the store.
Lene Hansen
For 13 years Lene has been working at Moby-Disc Records, where she has gained experience regarding customer service, warehouse work and logistics, as well as administrative work.

At DPH Lene is working at the office where she is part of the daily tasks, billing and trading.

Lene is also working in the warehouse and with shipment.
Lene Thodsen
Lene has 14 years of experience in customer service, where she has taken care of customers and guests at Scandic Hotels.

Lene can be found in the store where she greets our customers and makes them feel welcome with a big smile.

In addition, Lene is often busy with various ad hoc tasks and also helps out in the warehouse.