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Find inspiration for you interior décor. Mix new and old, and make something new and exciting with a lot of charm. Read about plates and dishwashers, design your own centerpiece, and so much more!

Trendy interior ideas
Trendy interior ideas
Here you can find inspiration for your interior decorating. Mix new and old, use for example old plates, figurines, silver, and glass for new and exciting interior.
Learn the difference between Faience and Porcelain
Porcelain or Faience?
Here you can read about the difference between faience and porcelain. We describe what makes the two types of pottery different, as well as their origin.
How to decorate your wall with plates!
Wall decoration
There are something for every taste when you decorate with plates on the walls in different patterns and styles. Make your home unique with plates placed uniquely, so that they fit your exact taste!
What is the difference between overglaze and underglaze porcelain?
Underglaze or Overglaze?
Overglaze and underglaze is to different ways for decorating porcelain. The difference is when during the production the decoration is applied. Read more about the difference here!
Design your own centerpiece
Design your own centerpiece
Bring your old, dusty, blue-glazed Christmas and Mother's Day plates back to life! Use them in a centerpiece or etagere, and serve everything from sushi and tapas to homemade cookies and fruit - simple and elegant! Find inspiration and read about how the centerpieces are made.
How to Maintain Georg Jensen Ornaments
How to maintain Georg Jensen ornaments
Maintain your Georg Jensen Christmas decorations so they look great when it's time for Christmas, and so that they keep their value incase you one day want to sell them.
How to clean and polish silverware and other metals
How to clean and polish silverware etc.
Here are some good advice for making your silverware, brass, copper and bronze shine on your table and in your home. Do not hesitate to put your silverware on display and make your table unique.
Can I clean my Christmas plates in a dishwasher?
Can I clean my Christmas plates in a dishwasher?
Most people don't use their fine and expensive dinnerware for everyday use. They are afraid that their fine dinnerware will be damaged by a wash in the dishwasher or maybe by use in a microwave oven. That is a shame! We have made this guide to describe whether your dinnerware can be used in the everyday life with a dishwasher, microware oven, etc.
One can eat from most wallplates
One can eat from most wallplates
Yes, you can eat of your blue painted Christmas plates. This applies to both Christmas plates and Mother's Day plates. They are NOT toxic to eat from. Read more about what you need to pay attention to, if you wish to eat from your plates.
How Christmas plates are made
Read here about how the Danish Christmas plates are made
See and read about how the famous Christmas plates from Royal Copenhagen is made! Here you find a walkthrough of the production of plates with the Christmas plate from 2011 showcased.