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Crystal Chandeliers etc.

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The sparkling crystal chandeliers are becoming popular in interior design again. The crystal chandeliers gives a romantic, sparkling and elegant light, which looks good in the room.

Crystal Chandeliers etc. - Save up to 35 %

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5 products
"Karisma" Crystal Chandelier in Chromium for Halogen Sale
"Karisma" Crystal Chandelier in Chr...
DKK 995.00
Before: DKK 1,598.00
Item no: WL6115-6 Measurement: Ø: 58 cm
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Pendant with golden glass prisms
Pendant with golden glass pris...
DKK 698.00
Item no: K1074 Measurement: H: 23 cm x Ø: 21 cm
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Crystal Chandelier Cleaningspray Sale
Crystal Chandelier Cleaningspray
DKK 99.00
Before: DKK 120.00
Item no: 800
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Rose 6-arm Chromium Chandelier with Crystals (Delivered unassembled Sale
Rose 6-arm Chromium Chand...
DKK 998.00
Before: DKK 1,795.00
Item no: WL6118-6 Measurement: Ø: 56 cm
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Paraply Pendant with golden glass prisms
Paraply Pendant with golden glass ...
DKK 1,549.00
Item no: K1075 Measurement: H: 40 cm x Ø: 45 cm
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Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are now no longer only used in dining rooms on large estates. A crystal chandelier is just as beautiful in a small and intimate dining room with light furniture. Crystal chandeliers are of course available in many shapes, sizes and designs, so it is important to choose the right one.

Our Rose chandelier is a moderate alternative to the other crystal chandeliers. The name comes, of course, from the six beautiful rose shaped flowers that surround the chandelier bulbs and the cute little rosebuds situated between the large roses.

The Karisma chandelier with six arms have beautiful bowls for halogen bulbs and are decorated with large and small pear-shaped prisms. Halogen light lights the dishes beautifully and the light plays elegantly in the crystals giving the chandelier an exclusive look.

The big octopus crystal chandelier in chrome or gold is extremely elegant. Bulbs, which almost looks like candles, gives the crystal prisms a great distinction. Each arm is equipped with a lavish number of drop shaped prisms.

Most people think a prism chandelier is a beautiful and elegant chandelier, but many do not buy it because they do not have time to clean the many prisms and crystals. With crystal cleaning spray to clean prisms you can handled it easily and quickly.