Terms and Conditions
When you buy When you sell

If you wish to use your right of cancellation, we ask that you copy the standard text shown below into an e-mail and fill out the xx with your information.

Once copied and filled out with your information, you should send the e-mail to [email protected].

Standard cancelation form

Copy the text below and fill out:

To DPH Trading

I hereby inform you that I wish to use my right of cancellation in regards to the following items:


Ordered the xx-xx-20xx / received the xx-xx-20xx.

Name and address:

Name: xxx
Street: xxx
Postcode: xxx

Reference number invoice / order number: xxx

Feel free to mention reason for cancellation (not required): xxx

Today's date: xxx

Best regards


How you wish to return the items is up to you. However, we only accept returned items on our address (and not to postal shops or by cash on delivery).

Returned items shall be send to:

DPH Trading

Loekkegravene 49
5270 Odense N, Denmark

Phone +45 6618 9595