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Rosendahl Grand Cru

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Rosendahl Grand Cru Dinnerware

Grand Cru porcelain tableware from Rosendahl has become very popular in Denmark and there is a Grand Cru item in almost every Danish home. It is popular among young people as the price is lower than the price of Royal Copenhagen tableware.
The Grand Cru series is both timeless, stylish and incredibly functional.

Rosendahl Grand Cru Dinnerware - Save up to 20 %

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3 products
Rosendahl Grand Cru lid for owenproof bowl, 24 cm -41%
Rosendahl Grand Cru lid for owenpr...
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Before: USD 5.57
Item no: RD36303 Measurement: D: 24 cm
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Grand Cru ovenware bowl of glass, large, Rosendahl -20%
Grand Cru ovenware bowl of ...
USD 18.13
Before: USD 22.70
Item no: RD25606 Measurement: Ø: 24 cm
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Grand Cru serving tray of bamboo, round, Rosendahl
Grand Cru serving tray of bamboo, round, Rosendahl
Grand Cru serving tray of bamboo, r...
USD 21.85
Before: USD 27.27
Item no: RD25666 Measurement: Ø: 30 cm
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Rosendahl Grand Cru tableware

With Rosendahl Grand Cru porcelain dinnerware you can set a table with both lunch plate, dinner plate and pasta dish and a bowl of soup or dessert. Of course there are also matching serving dish, sauce bowl and cups in various sizes.

Grand Cru porcelain tableware also includes a coffee service with tea cup, espresso cup, mug, coffee cup, teapot, milk jug, jam jar and butter jar.

There are also many accessories to the tableware, both cutlery, steak set, barbecue utensils, spices glass jar, thermo jugs, salad servers, oil and vinegar bottle, drinking glasses, pots and pickle dishes.

Rosendahl Grand Cru is easily recognized by the fine straight lines, which is a recurring theme of the series. The beautiful white Grand Cru porcelain is suitable for both everyday and special occasions. It can be washed in dishwasher, which is a must in everyday life and a big plus on special occasions.

Rosendahl Grand Cru tableware