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Holmegaard Per Lükten Glass Reliefs

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Holmegaard Glass Plates designed by Per Lükten

In connection with Holmegaards 150 year anniversary in 1975 the famous glass artist Per Lütken designed 4 large glass plates reflecting the four seasons.

Holmegaard Glass Relief Plates designed by Per Lükten - Save up to 25 %

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4 products
Holmegaard Season's plate, Autumn Sale
Holmegaard Season's plate, Au...
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Item no: HG-EFTERAAR Measurement: Ø: 40 cm
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Holmegaard Seasons plate, Summer, clear
Holmegaard Seasons plate, Su...
Item no: HG-SOMMER Measurement: Ø: 40 cm
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Holmegaard Seasons plate, Spring
Holmegaard Seasons plate, Spr...
Item no: HG-FORAAR Measurement: Ø: 40 cm
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Holmegaard Seasons plate, Winter, bluish
Holmegaard Seasons plate, Wi...
Item no: HG-VINTER Measurement: Ø: 40 cm
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Per Lütken "The Four Seasons" glass reliefs

The Glass plates symbolize the changing seasons and the motifs are done in relief, so they appear as life like as possible.

The first glass relief in the series was summer, which was released in 1975 and was extremely well received. Next, the Autumn glass relief was released in 1976, Spring in 1977 and Winter in 1978.

Each glass relief was produced in 2,500 copies and each is numbered. The four seasons shows an abstract design over the season and performed a distinctive colours for the season. The autumn glass plate is obviously kept in a warm reddish brown colour and the spring glass plate in a lovely budding green color. Winter is cold and purple, while summer is blooming light in clear glass.