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Bjorn Wiinblad Denmark

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Here is a complete list of the Bjorn Wiinblad Denmarks products available on this website.

Bjorn Wiinblads famous drawing will be brought back to live again - this time by Rosendahl Design Group - who has launched this beautiful series of cups, bowls, candle holders, trays and cookie cans.

See the grand selection and find inspiration in the happy motives in this gorgeous series - entirely in Bjorn Wiinblad's spirit.

Read more about Bjorn Wiinblad Denmark here.

Bjorn Wiinblad Denmark

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1 products
Rosendahl Bjorn Wiinblad Hurricane, chrome, medium
Rosendahl Bjorn Wiinblad Hurricane, chrome, medium
Rosendahl Bjorn Wiinblad Hurrican...
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Rosendahl Bjørn Wiinblad trays

Bjorn Wiinblad is in fashion once again

Bjorn Wiinblad's motifs were always grand - he was a maximalist and loved his own motifs, which got all the space it needed to expand. 

In the latest years there has been a trend of minimalism regarding interior design and therefor the products of Bjorn Wiinblad is a welcome change in that matter, while still fitting in nicely with the modern homes.

Initially, Rosendahl Design Group launched mugs of 35 cl. in 6 colors, as well as thermal mugs of 31 cl. and 27 cl. also in 6 colors: blue, purple, black, green, yellow and red.

An obvious addition to the mugs are the decorative round and oval trays. The trays are available in different colors and sizes, so you can choose the one you like best. The trays are relatively large and therefore there is plenty of space for both mugs, teapot and a bowl of goodies. If you have to offer a good friend coffee, do not forget a matching cake tin.

Rosendahl Bjorn Wiinblad trays

Unique items as well as mass production

Bjorn Wiinblad had a talent for designing fantastic, unique items that are traded at high prices and he had many famous friends for whom he liked to make special products. However, much of his art was also mass-produced because he wanted to reach out to many people.

The same is true with Rosendahl Design Group's Bjorn Wiinblad series. The products are beautiful both together and separately - and they can of course be mixed and matched with the old Bjorn Wiinblad products. The candlesticks in 4 different heights send greetings to the old Wiinblad heads from Bjorn Wiinblad's Workshop and they are nice both in sets and individually.Rosendahl Bjørn Wiinblad dishes and candlesticks

Rosendahl Bjoern Wiinblad dishes and candlesticks

A characteristic

One of the characteristics of Bjorn Wiinblad's design is the women's heads. They are seen in an incredible number of his works.

The women's expression was important to Bjorn Wiinblad and he painted many different ones, both curious and happy or sad and depressed. Bjorn Wiinblad loved his creations and named many of them. Rosendahl has continued this tradition and has named the products Felicia, Rosamunde, Rosalinde, Papagena and Amelia, among others.

Blue and black are familiar colors from Bjorn Wiinblad's universe. The black line drawings are especially known from his butter boards and various other plates produced by Nymolle.

Bjorn Wiinblad himself diligently used the blue color on his figurines, which were designed and produced in his own workshop in Kgs. Lyngby - The Blue House, which today is on its way to becoming a working museum and open to the public.

Bjorn Wiinblad loved having people around him and it was his great wish that the house should be preserved, which Rosendahl helps doing by supporting the foundation behind the house.

Bjorn Wiinblad Hurricanes