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Violise Lunn

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Creations by Violise Lunn

Violise Lunn was originally educated as a designer at the Danish Design School.

She has worked with a variety of materials, including fur, paper and textiles.

She also designs wedding dresses in a very feminine and romantic style in her own shop at the heart of Copenhagen.

The artist Violise Lunn

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2 products
Violise Lunn, porcelain heart white, Royal Copenhagen
Violise Lunn, porcelain heart white, Royal Copenhagen
Violise Lunn, porcelain heart w...
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Violise Lunn, Vase large, Royal Copenhagen
Violise Lunn, Vase large, Royal Cope...
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Violise Lunn (1969) - Fashion Designer

The Christmas Series in 2006 was the first time Violise worked in porcelain. She managed to push the boundaries of possibilities of the material considerably since paper and small pieces of silk also came to be included in the series. Paper cones constitutes a cornerstone of Violises collection. Paper cones have always been a traditional part of the Danish Christmas decorations, as they are designed to contain sweets, chocolates and Christmas cookies, and just the sight of them contains sweet promises of delicious mouth-watering bites. In Violises paper cones the sentiment was created by the gamut. The black and gold expresses something modern that is both trendy and feminine, red and gold expresses something traditional and nostalgic, and those who are exclusively in gold is both romantic and elegant to look at. The series also includes small bowls used for either chocolate or tea lights. They are paper thin, almost transparent, giving them a handmade and unique expression.