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The Four Season Figurines

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The Four Seasons Figurines by Royal Copenhagen

From 2007 to 2011 Royal Copenhagen published a beautiful set of four porcelain figurines of women dressed in seasonal clothing with a basket of flowers, vegetables or fruit from the season.

Royal Copenhagen The Four Seasons Figurine Collection

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4 products
Autumn, Royal Copenhagen season figurine
Autumn, Royal Copenhagen seas...
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Winter, Royal Copenhagen season figurine
Winter, Royal Copenhagen seas...
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Summer, Royal Copenhagen season figurine
Summer, Royal Copenhagen seas...
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Spring, Royal Copenhagen season figurine
Spring, Royal Copenhagen seas...
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Royal Copenhagen seasonal figurines

Royal Copenhagen seasonal figurine of spring shows a woman with a green dress and a thin shawl casually draped over her shoulder. She has a garland in her hair and a small bouquet of flowers in her hand. In the basket at her feet is a lot of spring flowers.

The Summer figurine from Royal Copenhagen depicts a blond woman with her hair taken up and a pretty pink summer dress. In her arms she has a basket with summer flowers in red and white colours.

Royal Copenhagen autumn figurine shows a dark-haired woman in a brown dress with a thick white shawl with a pattern on the shoulders. Her fruit basket is full of grapes.

Winter often brings cold and snow and the Royal Copenhagen season figurine of winter is also bundled up in a nice warm winter coat with hood and thick winter boots. On her stroll, she found green branches, which can be used for decorating indoor.

Royal Copenhagen the four seasons