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Kaare Klint

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Creations by Kaare Klint

Kaare Klint (1888-1954) was a Danish architect and furniture designer.

He was part of the Le Klint family, who developed the unique pleated lamp shades, which are still an icon of Danish design.

The architect and furniture designer Kaare Klint

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Kaare Klint started out being taught by his father, P. V. Jensen Klint, who was the architect of the Grundtvig Church. Kaare Klint would become one of the primary representatives of Danish furniture design. He was employed at the Art Academy in the School of Furniture Design in 1923 and became docent in 1924. In 1944 he became a professor of architecture.

His unique furniture design would affect an entire generation of Danish furniture designers. A focus of Kaare Klint was using good materials and good craftmanship.

He also made his mark on Le Klint, where he designed a row of the classical lamps of the factory like model 101 that is still one of the best selling lamps. Le Klint would benefit greatly from the great talent of Kaare Klint. In the first Le Klint shop in Copenhagen kaare Klints furniture would be displayed alongside the iconic lamps.

He has also drawn a plate from 1909 showing the Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus on Christmas night.

Kaare Klint also drew the tomb of King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine in Rosklide Cathedrale.