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Terms and conditions when you BUY from DPH Trading


In general

Business procedures - When you BUY items from DPH

Ask us before you buy - Send an inquiry

Processing of your personal data


Offers are binding to DPH - with reservations

Unsold Goods - "First come - first served"-principle

Non-binding offers


Why are prices not the same in all countries?

Two kinds of VAT

Can I have quantity discount?

No minimum order

Why is there no prices on some items?

Price-modifications and cancellation


Card Fees

Payment by PayPal

Products are not reserved until received payment


Delivery in general

If you need the items before a certain date

Delivery of stock goods

Delivery of commissioned goods - Non-stock products

Delivery delay on stock products

Right to cancel orders - Satisfaction guaranteed

No right of withdrawal for custom-made products

Returning goods

If you regret your purchase - Return address

If the product is damaged during transport

AnchorTransport insurance

If you give us special delivery instructions

What does the insurance cover?

If damage is done?

If the product is damaged - not due to transport

Help and repair

Transportation advice

Collecting articles directly at our address in Odense

Force majeure

Product liability

Sale on credit and conditional sale

Who can help you if you want to turn in a complaint?

AnchorIn general

Regardless what might be mentioned in these conditions and terms, the provisions in the Consumers Act, as mentioned in the Danish Law of Purchase section 1, clause 2 can never be disregarded to the harm of the buyer.

Disputes in connection with the agreement and everything connected there-to, will be tried and settled according to Danish law and administration of justice in Odense. The Danish version of these trading terms will always be fundamental.

NOTE: Lamps and other electrical components are only sold within the European market, as these products are only approved for sale within the EU.

AnchorBusiness procedure - When you BUY items from DPH

You send us an order or ask us before you buy via the "shopping basket" on DPHtrading.com.

  1. The system will automatically calculate an offer or you will receive a manual offer.
  2. Only when we have accepted the offer and we have received you payment items are reserved for you

    Please notice that if you pay by credit card we do not withdraw your payment until we have shipped the order.

    The offer is subject to goods being unsold. That is there is a risk that the offered goods can not be delivered. If so, we shall send back your payment immediately.

    Please see further information under offers binding to DPH - with reservations.

  3. When your payment have been confirmed your order will be shipped.

We have 2 types of delivery:

  1. Delivery of stock-products
  2. Delivery of non-stock products

For further information please see Delivery.

AnchorAsk us before you buy - Send an inquiry

You can easily send us an inquiry via the shopping basket before you buy. With this option you can add any questions or comments about your order without paying immediately.

The contents of your shopping basket are sent to us along with your comments / questions. Within 1-3 business days you will receive a reply via email from us.

The reply will include total price incl. freight and delivery time. You can pay the order directly via a link in the mail.

Naturally you are also most welcome to contact us in other ways.

AnchorProcessing of personal data

Data submitted by you will be stored in our database which is only accessible by employees at DPH Trading. Data will never be passed on to third party. The information is used by DPH only for the purpose intended and for internal statistics.

In order to meet your inquiries, orders etc. DPH asks you to supply only the absolutely necessary data. We have indicated with an (*), which information is required (Name, addresse, telephone no. and e-mail) .

Fields which is not marked with an * can be useful to have added but it is entirely up to you whether or not you fill these in.

Personal data registered by DPH Trading is kept for five years. Data is deleted after 5 years.

We ensure that personal data obtained via our website only happens with your consent, and in such a manner that you are aware of exactly which information you have given us and why.

DPH Trading is responsible for personal data obtained through dphtrading.com.

We do not encrypt customer data.

We do not transmit customer data encrypted.

You can object to DPH Trading storing your personal data.

According to the Danish Persondatalover (Law on Privacy Protection) you have a right to obtain information about which personal data DPH Trading has stored about you, you can obtain this information by e-mail enquiry: [email protected].


Cookies are used on dphtrading.com with the sole purpose of optimising the website and the functionalities and to ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible.

You can delete cookies from you computer at any time, how this is done depends on your chosen browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).

AnchorOffers are binding to DPH Trading - with reservation of obvious errors

If nothing else has been agreed an offer from DPH is valid for 14 days from the date stated on the offer. We do however make reservations for obvious errors.

AnchorUnsold goods - "First come - first served"-principle

The goods will not be reserved for you until we receive your order-acceptance and pre-payment. Our offer is subject to items being unsold.

This, of course, involves a risk of the product is sold to someone else in the period from our offer to your acceptance of the offer.

The best possible way of avoiding that, is of course placing your orders as quickly as possible.

How to easily accept an offer:

Written offers are valid for 14 days from the date stated in the offer. By writing means:

  • Letter
  • Email
  • Fax

When you send an inquiry through the basket we send you a written offer on that basis. Our offer can easily be confirmed by payment though a payment link in the email.

AnchorNon-binding offers

You are always welcome to make your request over the phone. In such cases a calculation error or a misunderstanding could occur.

Luckily it happens very rarely, but if you want a binding offer, please state your contact data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

When we have your contact information we can recalculate our offer, and send you an offer in writing to confirm our offer given by phone.


DPH Trading deal in Danish Kroner (DKK), $ (USD) and in € (Euro).

If you see prices in $ (USD) or in € (EURO) they have all been calculated on the basis of the Danish Kroner (DKK) prices.

All offers (EURO and USD prices) made by DPH are valid for 14 days, irrespective of the exchange rate.

Also note offers are binding to DPH - with exceptions.

AnchorWhy is prices not the same in all countries?

Because of the different national VAT rules / tariffs.

VAT is calculated differently from country to country, depending on whether it is EU member states or countries outside the EU.

Prices shown on our English website is, as default, based on delivery in other countries. (outside EU). All product prices are exclusive of freight, insurance, VAT, customs duties and other charges in buyers home country and/or country to which the articles are delivered.
You can choose to see prices for delivery in the EU (European Union) from the top menu, please select Prices are based on EU
Prices for EU-countries are including Danish VAT.

AnchorTwo kinds of VAT

The prices you see on our English website is as default based on delivery outside EU. All product prices are exclusive of freight, insurance, VAT, customs duties and other charges in buyers home country and/or country to which the articles are delivered.
If you select (from the top menu) to see Prices are based on EU all prices are included Danish VAT and duty.

For old /antique products, prices can be including second hand VAT. Second hand VAT is a differential VAT, which represents the difference between purchase and sale price. For second hand items applies that you if you are a trader, you cannot deduct VAT of such goods.

If you choose to view prices based on delivery in other countries outside the EU, all product prices are exclusive of freight, insurance, customs duties and other charges in the buyer's country and / or in the country of delivery.

AnchorCan I have quantity discount

DPH Trading offers discounts on many goods all the time. Therefore, we can not in principle provide additional discount.

There are exceptions. Are you thinking about ordering many items, you are always welcome to ask us before you buy. Within 1-4 days we will send you our best offer with a total price incl. shipping and delivery time.

AnchorNo minimum order

DPH Trading does not have minimum-orders.

AnchorWhy is there no price on some items?

There may be two reasons why there are not displayed price of a given product.

  1. The product is sold out and must be ordered from the supplier / manufacturer
  2. The product is out and out of production and must be obtained second hand from a dealer, collector and / or supplier.

Do you want to know more about the price, delivery options and availability please ask us before you buy.

How to ask us before you buy goods without price or not in stock:

  1. Click on Add to basket next to the item
  2. Click on the grey "Add to basket"
  3. Click Ask before you buy
  4. Enter your contact information
  5. Click Ask DPH >>
Within 1-4 days you will receive a response to your inquiry. You always get a reply from us - whether we can provide the product or not.

AnchorPrice-modifications and cancellation

DPH Trading reserves the right to modify prices of already confirmed orders, if prices change considerably during the period between the receipt of your order and the time of delivery, or if a completely impossible delivery-situation should arise.

This most often occurs for products with very long delivery times . You will, of course, as our customer be advised if this is the case. On this basis you are entitled to cancel your orders on products with increased prices.


All orders are paid in advance, unless other agreements have been made.

Read how you can pay (payment methods) here.

At dphtrading.com payment can be made usind the following cards:

  • Dankort (Danish direct debit card)
  • VISA/Dankort
  • VISA
  • VISA electron
  • Mastercard

You decide which payment method you want to use. However, please be aware of the different costs you may be required depending on the payment method.

As you can see below, especially if you want to pay larger amounts, the payment cost can vary a lot, depending on which method you choose.

AnchorCard Fees

Card fees are not add for private customers, when you use a card issued in the EU to make payment.

However you need to be aware that if you use a business credit card or a credit card issued outside the EU a card fee will be added according to the list below.

Below you can see fees for mentioned payment methods:

0,10 % of total amount - Minimum DKK 1.45.

MasterCard / Visa / Visa Electron:
1,25 % of total amount - Minimum DKK 1.95 (For cards issued in Denmark).
2,35 % of total amount - Minimum DKK 1.95 (For cards issued abroad)

The above fees are automatically added to you payment. You will be informed of these charges before accepting payment.

The total amount will not be debited your card until your order has been delivered from DPH Trading.

AnchorPayment by PayPal:

The following cards can be used for PayPal payments:

PayPal - Fast, easy, secure online payments.MasterCardVisaDiscoverAmerican ExpressECHECK

AnchorProducts are not reserved until we have your payment

The goods will be reserved for you until you have accepted our offer and we have received your payment,

All items are subject to goods being unsold. This involves a risk that the items offered to you have been sold during the period between the receipt of our offer and the time we receive your accept of our offer.


All products are delivered Ex. Works.

EX works, means that you as customer pay freight, insurance and possible handling fee. From DPH's offer freight cost and other delivery costs will be listed.

Also note if the product is damaged or lost during transport.

AnchorDelivery in general

Whenever DPH mentions "time of delivery", we talk about the time when the goods are dispatched from our address. The time when the consignment is delivered at your address can vary considerably depending on the type of forwarding and depending on the destination.

AnchorIf you need the goods for a certain date

We recommend that you make your order in due time. At the same time please advise us about your deadline of reception.

This enables DPH to give the best possible estimate, whether we are able to deliver the goods within the deadline or not. We will of course revert as soon as possible informing you about the options.

AnchorDelivery from stock

Stock goods are goods, which DPH have confirmed in writing that we have in stock.

Dispatch of stock goods usually takes place immediately (within 1-3 days) upon receiving your order-confirmation and payment. Concerning bigger consignments the time of delivery may be a bit longer.

AnchorDelivery of commissioned goods - Non-stock products

Commissioned goods are goods, that DPH does not have in stock.

Therefore we depend upon delivery from others. Concerning commissioned goods our indication of delivery time should always be considered as an estimate only.

Predicting an accurate time of delivery on goods that have not even been ordered from the manufacturers or maybe have not been produced yet, can be impossible to DPH . Some old collectibles we even have to find among private collectors.

DPH Trading can make reservations on delivery of given orders or part of it.

Part-deliveries may take place. DPH aim to inform you if a delivery is split-up.

AnchorDelivery delay on stock products

If a product despite the fact that we have confirmed it to be in stock, has erroneously not been dispatched on time you can cancel your order.

In commercial deals (B2B) items cannot be returned unless agreed.

AnchorRight to cancel orders: Satisfaction guarantee on e-trade

Valid only for sale directly to consumers.

At DPH Trading the basic idea is that a deal is only a good deal if both buyer and seller are satisfied.

Therefore we are most meticulous in our quality control and the packing of our products prior to dispatch.

Should you, however, receive products that do not live up to your expectations, you have as an e-customer at DPH Trading, the option of cancelling your purchase provided you act within 14 days from the receipt of the articles.

Cancellation of a part of the order

If you have bought more items from us, you have the option to return one or more, eventhough it was bought as a single order.

DPH Trading will, of course, return your payment (handling-fee, freight and insurance excepted).

We kindly ask you to contact us before returning the product(s). Because of our many years of trading experience, we are in most cases able to help you avoid unnecessary expensive freight and insurance costs when returning the product(s) - by choosing the right forwarder.

AnchorNo right of withdrawal for custom-made products

The option of regretting your purchase does not apply if products are obtained by special request by you, i.e the product/s in question have been ordered, manufactured or found for you specifically whether it be directly from the manufacturers or from private collectors.

AnchorReturning goods

Products have to be returned in the same condition as they were received.

You have to be aware, that if the product was delivered in the original packing and with original certificates or the like, it must be returned in original packing and with original certificates etc. as these are an important part of the value of the product when the items are considered antigues or art.

Please note! Goods returned under the terms of cash on delivery (COD) will not be considered returned.

AnchorIf you regret your purchase please return the goods to:

DPH Trading
Løkkegravene 49
DK 5270 Odense N

You can also regret your purchase by refusing reception or returning it in person at the above mentioned address.

AnchorFor transport damage, defect or similar

If the product upon receipt has suffered damages during transport or has defects or flaws, we ask you for insurance reasons, not to return the goods until you have contacted DPH Trading.

You give up your rights to indemnification, if damaged products are returned without our written acceptance.

AnchorTransport insurance

We send a lot of products, and unfortunately we cannot avoided that some articles are damaged. If that happens to your order it is important that you pay attention to the following:

  • Any complaint has to be made immediately after receiving the consignment.
  • No damaged goods can be returned without prior agreement.
  • For insurance purposes we need to know immediately whether you think a possible damage or defect is due to damages during transport or if the damage has other causes.

As our sales- and delivery-terms are ex works (outside Denmark), the responsibility of the product is passed on to you as receiver from the moment the consignment is dispatched from our address. For you to avoid this risk we insure the goods (if nothing else mentioned) before the goods are forwarded to you. The insurance-costs are included in the freight-cost offered by us.

AnchorIf your give us special delivery instructions.

If you give us special delivery instructions, like your order must be delivered in your garage or the like. Please be aware of the fact that you might loose the right to claim any transport damage or loss of the parcel.

If, for example, you ask us to write on the shipping documents that the package can be delivered in your garage, and thereby gives the carrier the opportunity to deliver to you - without your signature - it is no longer possible to claim for transport damage or lost item (s).

Naturally in some cases compensation can be given after all, however the transport company is allowed to say that the parcel has been delivered in good shape, and therefore you renounce the right to have compensation.

AnchorWhat does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers transport damages on the purchased articles.

The insured amount is the total invoice-amount including freight, insurance and possible handling fee.

All other expenses are not covered. This applies to customs duty, fees, other possible duties or taxes applied by the authorities in your country - beyond our influence.

AnchorIf the damage is done?

If the damage is done DPH will help you.

It is very important that you contact DPH Trading immediately after finding that the product(s) are damaged during transport.

If you want to claim compensation for transport damages it is important that the parcel is kept in the exact same condition as when arriving at your address. That includes the product(s) as well as the wrapping.

Prior to approving an indemnification the insurance companies often demand their right to inspect the consignment. For that reason it is important that the parcel is kept in the exact same condition as when arriving at your address.

You forfeit the rights of receiving an indemnification if the consignment is returned without prior agreement with DPH Trading. When a transport damage has been reported to us, please await our written instructions on what to do with the parcel.

Provided it is possible DPH will do our utmost to find an identical article to replace the damaged one and forward it to you without any costs to you.

Whenever it is not possible to find the proper replacement we will make sure that the compensation is credited your account.

If you wish the compensation cashed, we will immediately transfer the amount.

AnchorIf the product is damaged - and it is not transport-damage

When shopping at dphtrading.com you have 24 months for complaints.

The complaint has to be reasonable and flaws or defect must not have arisen because of faulty use of the product or by damaging conduct.

We meticulously check all products prior to forwarding them, but it is human to err, and unfortunately it is impossible to avoid. DPH undertake to rectify all essential defects, due to design-, material- or production, by making repairs or replacing the product, depending on the product in question.

AnchorHelp and repair

Upon receiving the notice of defects and flaws, DPH will, without groundless respite rectify the problem. The repair can take place at the buyers premisses, unless DPH consider that returning the product or parts of the product would be expedient. We will then be able to replace or repair the faulty product in our own workshop, or replace it with a flawless item.

In the case DPH does not fulfil our obligation of rectifying, and if certain defect are substantial, the buyer can cancel the part of the agreement which includes the faulty product, by written advise to DPH.

Except from the right to demand rectification, you as the buyer have no other demands due to possible defects in the product. The seller has the right to credit and refund the sales amount for the faulty product to the buyer if the product is no longer in stock, or if the seller judge, that a repair would be to costly. DPH can demand that a damaged article is returned before refunding the sales amount.

Products can be returned to:

DPH Trading, Loekkegravene 49, DK-5270 Odense N, Denmark

AnchorTransportation advice

DPH has several years of experience in transporting at home and abroad. We would be happy to advise you whenever you need help, but we do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of such guidance.

AnchorCollecting articles directly at our address in Odense

In case you prefer to collect or deliver products personally at our address, you are most welcome.

Contact details and driving instructions etc. are found here.

AnchorForce majeure

DPH reserves the rights to cancel an order or parts of it, if we experience difficulties in supplying because of war, mobilization, political unrest, strikes, lock-outs, terrorist attacks,natural disasters, difficulties of transportation, absence of delivery from the manufacturers or other conditions beyond our control.

AnchorProduct liability

DPH Trading is only responsible for personal injury, when it has been proven that the injury was caused by error or neglect committed by DPH Trading or others, for whom DPH are responsible.

DPH is not responsible for damage done to real estate or personal property, occurring while the product is in the buyers possession. Neither is DPH responsible for damages to products made by the buyer "himself" or products in which these take part. Just as DPH is not responsible, when a product is being used for something besides its purpose. DPH Trading is responsible for damages to real estate and personal property under the same terms as for personal injury.

We are not responsible for operational loss, lost earnings or other indirect losses. To the extent that DPH might be enjoined product liability to third party, it is the duty of the buyer to keep DPH indemnified to the same extent as DPH's responsibility is limited according to above three paragraphs.

Should third party make a demand on any of the parties, to indemnify according to this point, the respective party is obliged to inform the other party in this regard.

DPH Trading and the buyer are mutually committed to be sued at that court or court of arbitration, trying the demand of indemnification - made to either party - on grounds of a damage allegedly caused by the material.

AnchorSale on credit and conditional sale

If sale on credit has been agreed, it will be on the following terms: If payment is not made on time, the seller is entitled to charge a 2 per cent default interest or a minimum of DKK 25,00 per month commenced, as well as a reminders fee of DKK 50,00 per follow up letter. Interest and reminders fee is charged from the date the payment was due. The delivered articles remain the seller's property until the payment is fully settled.

Who can help you if you want to turn in a complaint?

As a consumer who wants to make a complaint, contact DPH Trading att. Lone Risager Therkelsen [email protected].

If you have residence in another EU-country than Denmark, you can make an complaint to the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr