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For private customers: 14 days return policy

As a buyer of all e-commerce with DPH Trading, you have 14 days to cancel an order and return the items. The right to return applies from the products day of arrival. The right to return is not valid for specially ordered items, e.g. custom made items.

The basic idea of DPH Trading is that a trade is only a good deal if both buyer and seller are happy. We are therefore very careful in terms of quality check and packing of products prior to shipment.

Does not apply to special orders

The 14 day return policy does not apply in the case of special delivery items. This is often items marked as "not in stock" on the product page, but we have agreed to sell to you if / when we get it in stock again. You are made aware of the right of cancellation before a possible purchase is completed.

Please contact us before returning

If you should receive an item that does not live up to your expectations, you can return the item within the 14 days cancellation period.

We will of course return the full product amount and offer to guide you before you return the items to us. We can in most cases help you with the choice of transportation / package supplier etc. With our help you can often avoid high freight and insurance costs when returning the items.

Parcel must be returned to:

DPH Trading
Loekkegravene 49
5270 Odense N

Please do not return to a drop point.

Original packaging and certificates must also be returned

In case of return, the goods must be in the same condition as when received. Here you should be especially aware that the goods and their original packaging with certificates and the like is also returned.

We do not accept returned items as cash on delivery

If you send the product to DPH Trading by cash on delivery (COD), it is not considered returned.

In the rare cases where a product is received with transportation damages, defectives or suffer from defects, please contact DPH Trading as soon as possible.

For insurance reasons we ask you to refrain from returning the items.

Read more about compensation for transport damage here

For business customers – Return only by prior arrangement

The above right of cancellation applies only to direct sales to private customers.

Items can only be returned by prior arrangement when selling to other businesses.