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Welcome to DPH Trading's newsletter family!

Our newsletters are more than just updates; they are your source of inspiration for creating a home with character and history. With a heart for both the modern and the timeless, DPH Trading offers a unique blend of new, used, old, and antique items, each carefully selected to add that special touch to your personal space. With Lone Risager's warm voice and our dedicated team's insights, you'll not only get a glimpse of unique items but also the stories that bring them to life.

Your Window to Unique Interior Decoration and Personal Collectibles

We take great care to write newsletters that are personal and unique. In fact, Lone Risager (2nd generation at DPH) shares her own experiences and memories, providing tips and ideas on how to make the best purchases of vintage collectibles, decorate based on interior design trends, and repurpose and breathe new life into old, beautiful items. All of this in a cozy and exciting manner.

With DPH Trading's newsletters, you can look forward to:

  • Lone's Personal Narratives: Learn from Lone's in-depth knowledge and passion for both the newest and the oldest items.

  • Personal Interior Decorating Tips: Gain inspiration and advice on how to create a home that reflects your personal style and history.

  • A World of Unique Objects: Explore our diverse collection of new, used, old, and antique items, each with its own charm and character.

  • Exclusive Offers: Be among the first to receive special offers and invitations tailored to our newsletter family.

  • Collector's Advice: Whether it's new, used, old, or antique, we provide you with the best tips for caring for and appreciating your collectibles.

Explore Our Newsletter Archive

Get a taste of the unique and diverse content that some of our previous newsletters have offered. Remember that the offers in past newsletters may have expired, prices may have changed, and some items may be sold out or no longer available.

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