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Compensation in case of transport damage

Don't cry over damage - We will help with a good compensation solution

If damage occurs DPH will help you

It is important that you immediately report any visible or audible damages to the transporter (transport service provider), if you can see or hear that the content of your package can have been damaged during the transport.

In some cases you are allowed to open the parcel while the transporter is present. If this is not possible it is important that you only accept the package as damaged if possible. If no damages are to be seen on the package it is still possible to report a parcel as damaged during transport/shipping.

Usually the transporter can provide you with a form or receipt to sign upon reception with reservations to damaged content.

We urge you to contact us immediately if the items are damaged. Even if you did not notice any apparent visible or audible damages before opening the parcel, the content could still have been damaged during transport.

As soon as you discover any damages when receiving your order/item/content please contact DPH Trading.

Don't cry over damage - We will help with a good compensation solution

Keep all the content and packaging - Do not throw it away

When applying for compensation in case of a transport damage it is very important that you keep all the content and packaging that you received.

In order for the transport service provider and insurance agency to accept any compensation they demand to be able to inspect the package in the condition you received it in.

Don't give up the compensation

Multiple ways to get compensation at DPH

You give up your rights for compensation if you return the damaged items without an agreement with us. Once you have reported a transport damage and applied for compensation at DPH Trading, we kindly ask you to wait for our written reply regarding what to do with the damaged item(s) and package(s).

Replacement item(s)

If possible DPH Trading will send you an equivalent replacement item - without any extra cost to you.

Should no equivalent replacement item be available, we will make sure that you are credited the amount. If you wish to get your compensation disbursed, we can transfer the amount to you.

The amount of compensation is the price total of your bill from us, damaged item(s), freight cost, insurance and any handling fees included.

Multiple ways to get compensation at DPH