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3 reasons why an item is not avaliable in the cart

3 possible reasons

When items are in stock and not in stock in your shopping basket there are one out of the following 3 possible reasons for that:

  1. The item was sold out before you continued to payment.

  2. You have ordered more items than we currently have in stock. The remaining items need to be acquired before we are able to deliver them (you are able to pay for the items in stock).

  3. You have added on or more items which were already sold out when it was added to the shopping basket, but you wish to add it/them to the wanted list.

3 reasons why an item is not avaliable in the cart

What should I do?

If the content of your shopping basket is correct you can proceed to the checkout. All the content is included and sent to us. Should this include items not in stock we will add these to the wanted list and contact you as soon as we are able to offer them to you.

Which items am I paying for?

All the items in your shopping basket is sent to us as one order - no matter the availability. Initially you only pay for items in stock available for immediate delivery.

Before we withdraw any amount on your account you always receive a confirmation notice from us.

What about the items not in stock?

We always ask you kindly to confirm what you would like us to do about the items not in stock before claiming any payment of these items. Once we have your confirmation/reply we will reserve the items for you and deliver them as soon as possible.

When the items are back in stock, we will send you an offer. Should you no longer wish to purchase the items, you are not obligated to accept our offer. An offer from DPH is valid for 14 days from the date of issue.

You should however be aware that we reserve the right to intermediate sales. This means that we do not reserve the item before we have received your payment.

This contains the risk that the offered item can be sold to another customer in the period between you receiving the offer and us receiving your accept of the offer with a payment.