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When shopping online at DPH Trading a transport insurance is always included in the freight cost.

Should the items happen to be damaged during transport and shipping they are covered by this insurance, unless otherwise stated.

What does the insurance cover?

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers damages caused during transport/shipping on the items bought at DPH Trading. The insured amount is the price total on your bill - freight cost, insurance and any handling fee included.

What does the insurance not cover?

All other cost - whatever their kind - are not covered by the insurance. This applies, but is not limited to:

  • Customs duties (tariffs)
  • Fees
  • Other taxes

These other costs you may be able to recover from the authorities in the country you reside in accordance to the rules and laws in this area.

If damage occurs - we can help

It is important that you report complaints to the transporter (transport service provider) immediately, if you are able to see or hear that the content of your package/parcel is damaged.

In some cases you are allowed to open the parcel while the transporter is present. If this option is not available it is important that you only accept the parcel/package with reservations. Usually the transporter makes a form or receipt for you to sign upon reception with reservations to damaged content.

We urge you to contact us immediately if the items are damaged. Even if you did not report any complaints to the transporter, due to no visible or audible damages present before opening the parcel, the content could still have been damaged during transport.

What does the insurance cover?