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A wall decoration can be an art form in itself and there are many possibilities for decorating walls. Traditional pictures for the wall, wall stickers, and painting the walls in patters and colors is some of the classics when it comes to decorating. But there are also plates!

You may not think about it right away, but the plates have lots of possibilities for wall decoration that goes far beyond just hanging them in a row in the living room. No, the plates can give the room a completely different life than you can with the paintings.

Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why plates are amazing as wall decorations!

Wall decoration in kitchen

1. Plates are easy to clean

There is a very good reason to why plates has been used as wall decoration through out generations. In addition to the fact that plates put in new and smart ways have become trendy, the plates also have the huge advantage that the dust they collect can easily be washed off and often your plates can be thrown in the dishwasher and they are like new again! Just without dust mites and dirt.

Plates are therefor also amazing as wall decorations in the kitchen. Take them down, wash them, and they are as good as new. You no longer have to worry about what your cooking might do to your wall art.

Wall decoration in kitchen

Wall decoration with plates by a door

2. Affordable, easy and beautiful wall decoration

With plates you have the opportunity to place them together so that they create one single wall decoration right after your head. This means that it's totally up to you what patterns, colors and motifs you wish to use!

You pick what matters in your decoration. Should there be a connection between the motif's themes, matching colors, plates that you have inherited or maybe neither of the mentioned? It's all up to you.

And the very best part is that you have the opportunity to buy plates at really affordable prices, so your wall decoration does not have to be expensive at all. You can make it look unique without spending a fortune!

In doubt about how you make the best pattern for you wall decoration? Read more here!
Memorial plate for the reunification of Southern Jutland with Denmark

Wall decoration with plates by a door

3. Easy to squeeze into thigh spaces

Do you not have a lot of space? Fear not, because then plates might just be for you!

If you have a small spot on the wall or you enjoy the life of tiny living, a plate can be a good solution for some extra decoration. With a plate you can fill out the empty space almost everywhere. That's because there is always a plate in the right size!

There are even a lot of different colors and motifs, so it's almost always possible to find one, that matches your current decorating style!

Memorial plate for the reunification of Southern Jutland with Denmark

Plates behind a couch

4. You're creating something unique

It sounds a bit crazy, but just think about it. If you arrange your plates as you have imagined it and with plates you have selected, what are the changes that someone out there has a wall with plates that looks just like yours?

The patterns of your plates are only limited to your ingenuity. The same goes for your choice of plates. The chances of you making a wall decoration that looks like someone else's are therefor very small which gives you the opportunity to bring something unique into your home.

Plates behind a couch

Ready to create your wall of plates?

Then go ahead! Find your plates and create a pattern, so that you get your very own and unique wall decoration.

How to avoid ending up with a bad look.

Do you have doubts about how to make sure that you get a beautiful wall of plates and do you want to minimize the number of unnecessary holes in your wall? Then we are here to help you! Follow this guide and create a beautiful pattern.

  1. Find the plates you think fit into your décor. If you do not already have some, you can find a limiteless number of plates in different colours and motifs here!

  2. Place the plates on the floor in the pattern you think you want to hang them in and try it until it looks right.

  3. If it's hard to imagine what it will look like on the wall, you can cut a piece of paper the same size and shape as each of your plates. The easiest way to do so is by laying your plate on a piece of paper and then draw with a pencil around the edge of the plate. This will give you the shape that you then can cut out.

    When you have all the pieces cut, try putting them on the wall in different patterns with tape or the like. When you think it looks right, you are almost ready to put nails or screws in the wall. But just check point # 4 before you start hanging the templates !!!

    Hanging of plates 3
  4. Remember that hangings on different plates are not in the same place, so it is a good idea to check where the nail should be on each plate before hammering.

    Here you can advantageously mark on your paper templates where the nail on the different plates should sit. Then you can simply nail or drill holes on your templates while hanging on the wall.

    Hanging of plates5
    Hanging of plates 6
    Hanging of plates 8

Do you need some inspiration? Then keep scrolling down this page!

You can buy Desiree Hans Christian Andersen Christmas plates with motifs from his fairy tales. Additionally you can find many old Bing & Grondahl Christmas plates, Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates and many different mother's day plates at very low cost. And for a large wall decoration you do not need more the 2nd quality. Some plates that will also do well in a wall decoration are the different memorial plates and Seltmann Swedish landscape plates.

When you have finally collected the plates that you want to use in your wall decoration, it can be difficult to come up with a pattern for them. That is why we have collected some examples on how a wall decoration with plates can look like.

Examples of how it might look

Here is a mix of different Christmas plates, anniversary plates, etc. - Different sizes of plates have been used, where the theme is that each plate is selected from the fact that it means something special. The plates are set up in an asymmetrical manner at first sight, but on closer inspection, there is symmetry in the setuWall decoration with Royal Copenhagen Plates going up the wall

Use plates as wall decoration in the kitchen

Plates are also very good for wall decoration in the kitchen as they can easily be taken down and put in the dishwasher.Wall decoration kitchen

Allergy-friendly wall decoration in the bedroom

If you need to decorate your bedroom, it might be a good idea to remember that there is often a lot of dust in a bedroom and that what you hang on the wall should be easy to clean. - This applies, for example to blue plates that can withstand the dishwasher.

Wall decoration with plates in the bedroom

You can also create a wall decoration that receives the light from a window close, thereby bringing the wall to life with different size plates that reflect the light from the window.

Plates hung up "randomly"

Plates can be hung in a myriad of different patterns. Below you can see some interesting options for how to hang them in new and alternative ways.

Colourful plates on a dark wall

Here many plates in bright colours have been hung on a dark wall and thus brings colour to the room.

Plates on a row at the end of the table

A row of plates in many colours and patterns have been set at the end of the rustic kitchen table.

Bring colour to the modern home with plates

Here the plates give some colour and pattern to the modern home.

Plates together with teak tree furniture

Plates can also match in colour with the furniture. Here the plates have been chosen in colours that fit together with this beautiful teak tree drawer.

Spice up the office with plates

You can spice up the office a bit with plates in many colours and fun motifs that crawl along the wall in a funny way.

Wall decoration with plates

Make it all fit together with both matching colours and style. Here we see a mixture of different sizes and types of plates. What makes them alike is that they are all blue painted. They are set together with blue painted balls and a plate that stands on the bookcase. It is a fine composition that makes the old plates look elegant and modern.Wall decoration with platesWall decoration with platesWall decoration with plates

Wall decoration with plates

Here we have a whole swarm of different blue and white plates, only a few of these are Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates. It gives a very modern expression when the wall decoration with plates is set asymmetrically. - You do not hang plates in rows as you did before.

Butterboard plates as a dial

Here we have another exciting way to use Bjorn Wiinblad's butterboards; a dial for a large clock!

Wall decoration grey wall - blue plates

Here you will see a gray wall where the blue plates fit very well. - The plates shown are the beautiful old Easter plates from Bing & Grondahl. - As you can see here, there is ample opportunity to play with the colors between the plates.

Plates hung on a dark background

On the picture above we have a nice setup of plates in contrast to the black wall. It makes for a perfect backdrop for the many plates.

Bathroom with plates as wall decoration

Here we have arrived in the bathroom, where the plates can make a really good wall decoration and they contrast well with the white walls.

Use plates in the conservatory and other damp rooms!

If you choose to decorate with paintings on the walls in damp rooms, you risk that your works of art will be damaged and destroyed. Therefore, it is worth considering decorating your walls with plates as they can withstand moisture. If you choose plates for the wall, you do not have to worry about them being damaged by moisture and dirt.

How to hang your plates on the wall?

Of course, when you need to hang plates, you also need something to hang them with. Fortunately, there are a number of options that depend somewhat on the plate. But there are a variety of plate hangers that you can use to hang plates.

Five plate hooks

Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl from the beginning produced their plates with two small holes on the back, which you can hang the plate from. It can be steel wire that you yourself form into a holder or you can choose to buy our small plate hooks that fits Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl's plates.

However, not all plates have been produced with holes on the back. Many plates need a hanger that can hold the plate both in terms of diameter and weight and for this there are a number of options:


The above plate hanger is for plates without holes for hooks. You paste the yellow surface on the back of the plate and then you can hang the plate on the wall. There are several sizes depending on the diameter and weight of the plate.

Platte hanger with hooks

The above hanger is both strong and durable. It works by putting the hooks on the legs of the hanger around the edge of the plate. Although this hanger is clearly the strongest, you do see the hooks come around the edge of the plate.

The hooks are visible on the plate

It is then a matter of taste whether you can live with seeing the hooks. On the other hand, this hanger is very strong and the larger ones can hold large and heavy plates and dishes on the wall.

So it is up to you to choose which plates will fit your interior, you can find our huge selection here:

Examples of Christmas and annual plates:

Wall decoration - Blue plates

Wall decoration - Rorstrand Christmas plates - Rörstrand Jultallrik Sweden

Wall decoration - 1985 Tettau Christmas plate Wall decoration - 1987 Rorstrand Poetry Christmas plate: Look the night retreats for the light of day

Wall decoration -Rorstrand black and white plates with biblical motifsWall decoration -1997 Christmas plate Arabia

Wall decoration - Arabia platesWall decoration - 1982 Christmas plate Arabia

Wall decoration - Bjorn Wiinblad Christmas plate 1983 Jesus in the mangerWall decoration - Bjorn Wiinblad Christmas plate 1976 The Angel with the trumphet

Wall decoration - Bjorn Wiinblad Christmas plate in crystal 1976 The virgin Mary with baby JesusWall decoration - 1976 Steinbock annual jubilee plate The virgin Mary with baby JesusWall decoration -1977 Steinbock Annual plateWall decoration - 1983 Steinbock Annual plateWall decoration - 1976 Royal Heidelberg Christmas plate, catWall decoration - Noritake Christmas plate

Wall decoration - colorful plates

Wall decoration - Noritake plates

Wall decoration - 1983 Hackefors Christmas platesWall decoration - 1980 Hackefors cobalt blue Children's Christmas plateWall decoration - 1976 Hutschenreuther Christmas plate "The holy family", The shepherds in the fieldsWall decoration - 1978 Christmas plate Hutschenreuther

Wall decoration

Wall decoration - 1982 Gustavsberg Art Christmas plate, The virgin Mary and Baby JesusWall decoration - 1986 Gustavsberg Christmas plate, Paul Hoff

Wall decoration - 1977 Hummel Goebel Charlot Byj Christmas plateWall decoration -1975 Hummel Goebel Charlot Byj Christmas plate

Wall decoration -1979 Gustavsberg Christmas plate, Sven JonsonWall decoration -1922 Christmas plate Aluminia small

Aside from the shown Christmas and annual plates there are many others - See the selection of Christmas plates and Annual plates here!

Plates with flowers, animals, landscapes and historical plates:

Below you will find various other types of plates, so if you are looking for some special motifs, colors, themes etc., then you should be able to find some that match your wishes.

Wall decoration - Decorate with platesWall decoration

Decorate with Arabia plates

Wall decoration with royal plates

Wall decoration Plate rack with Carl Larsson plates

Wall decoration with Bjorn Wiinblad plates

Decoration with colorful plates

Decoration with historical plates with churches

Decoration with royal plates

Wall decoration with blue plates - Easter plates

Wall decoration - White plates with gold - Animal motifs

Aside from the plates shown there are thousand of other beautiful plates