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Used, but good!

There is an amazing trend happening right now. - Buying second hand is good!

We couldn't agree more and that is why you can find many items that are used and/or antique at DPH Trading.

Amongst our goods you will find many things which have been elsewhere, either in private homes or at other sellers, which means that they are not brand new. Earlier a lot of people would say that these items are of lower value which is a statement that we do not agree with. On the contrary! - We actually believe that there are 6 good reasons to why it's great buying second hand.

6 good reasons to buy second hand

  1. It's sustainable! Well, you probably guessed this one already... But that doesn’t mean it's less true! Buying new things is bad for the environment. We need to save resources. In order to minimize the environmental impact, we should be part of a sustainable development and buy second hand. This is also the reason why we at DPH Trading reuses cardboard boxes and other kind of packaging when we dispatch orders.

  2. A lot of things can only be purchased when buying second hand. Many of the things that you can find at our shop are not produced any more. This is due to manufactures deciding to discontinue production of certain items, manufactures who have ceased, or annual items, which are items that were only meant to be produced for a single year, such as Annual Mugs, Easter Eggs, Christmas plates and so on.

  3. The quality of older items is often better. Often better materials were used and the manufacturer paid more attention to the details. - Things weren't mass produced in the same way that they generally are today. Due to this, you can often find better quality, as older items were not made of e.g., plastic, polyresin, etc.

  4. The history/soul that comes along with old items is generally amazing. Respecting our ancestors and the value they put in their craft, as well as appreciating what generations before us have appreciated and protected, makes so much sense.

  5. When buying second hand you often find something no one else have. We see a lot of repeats in people's interior designs. By taken something used or antique into your home, you create something special and avoid having the same items as your friends, family members, or neighbors.

  6. Finding second hand is like a treasure hunt for adults. - There is something fantastic about finding hidden treasures. Going on a treasure hunt was always a hit at all children's birthday parties. - But if you ask us, the children's treasure hunt can be easily swapped out with the grown-up version where we hunt second hand items instead of candy and toys. When it comes to searching through thrift stores, hardware stores, flea markets and antique shops, it takes time, patience, and sometimes a creative mind. But considering that you often get a lot for your money, it's often worth the trouble!.

We personally think that the above mentioned reasons are amazing and inspiring for when it comes to buying second hand! Time after time we see the joy that it brings to people selling something, knowing that someone else will get to enjoy it. No matter if it's a the purchase was wrong, it's something that you have grown to dislike, something that doesn't fit into your decorating style, or some other reason, there is a huge chance that it will bring joy to someone else. And it's our pleasure to contribute to that great, and green, feeling.

No doubt about the quality

Even though you are buying used items, you don't have to worry about the quality of the things bought at DPH Trading. We check the quality of all our goods and sort them according to 5 product qualities.

Are you in search of how to mix new and old in your interior design?

There is no doubt about the fact that it can be incredible beautiful and charming to mix new and old items. However, it's not always an easy task to mix used and vintage with modern décor.

Luckily there's a lot of inspiration to find on how to mix the old and the new.