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Annual items are items on which the production year is part of the decoration, the design or motif on the item

Furthermore, the annual items are produced in a limited number or for a limited period of time. The production form is destroyed by the manufacturer once the final annual item has been made, making it impossible to resume the exact same production.

This makes the annual items unique and very limited editions, which can never be produced again in the exact same color, shape or material.

Available in both 1. and 2. Quality

Annual items in both new and old quality

Annual items in both new and old quality

All annual items from the current year are delivered as new and of 1. Quality in the original packaging. Previous and older annual items are no longer available in the old original packaging, but are instead delivered in more secure and contemporary packaging.

The quality of both new and old annual items are consistent with the particular year of production. All the annual items in 1. Quality are as new, without any damages or flaws.

However, tiny superficial scratches or imperfections must be expected when dealing with i.e. an item more than 75 years old.

Throughout the years the production techniques have also improved. As a result older figurines and plates may seem less colorful and rich in detail in spite of their 1. Quality status.

The most popular selection of annual items

Annual figurines by Bing & Grondahl, Annual figurines by Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl Christmas plates, Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, Annual cups and mugs, etc.