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5 qualities in items

5 qualities

Items and products at dphtrading.com are available in 5 qualities:

  • 1. Quality (New)
    Items are completely new without any defects and flaws.

  • 2. Quality (New)
    Items are completely new, but sold cheaper due to small imperfections. Upon completion the manufacturer checks the quality, and if an item has even the smallest of errors or defects it cannot pass the quality check 100 %. These items are then sold cheaper due to their imperfections. Usually the manufacturer marks these 2. Quality items by making an subtle scratch across the trademark at the bottom.

  • 1. Quality
    Items are 1st grade, in perfect condition, without defects - This applies to both antique, old and used items, but also to all *annual items.

  • 2. Quality
    Items are 2nd grade, due to small imperfections. If an item does not reach the normal production standard either the manufacturer or DPH Trading have categorized the item as a 2. Quality. Items such as these are then sold at bargain prices due to the small errors or imperfections. - this applies to both antique, old and used items, but also to all *annual items.

  • Item w/defects
    When an item is labelled as Item w/defect it is because the items has some defects, damages or has been mended. Should you be interested in items with defects please ask before you buy. This makes it possible for you to be well informed about what the specific item is "suffering" from, before you complete payment.

*Annual items are items on which the production year is part of  the decoration, the design or motif on the item. 

Large selection of both 1. and 2. Quality items in stock

1. quality and 2. quality goods

DPH Trading possess a large selection of both 1. and 2. Quality items in stock.

If an item in 2. Quality is available in stock it will be presented in the web shop.

Please check the status of stock of each quality of a certain item. If an item is in stock the price is visible and it is available for purchase online.

If no price is visible and the item is not in stock, it cannot be purchased online.

Attention! Items are only visible in qualities we either have dealt with in the past or currently deal.

Example: If an item is only visible in one quality, it is only traded in this particular quality – no matter the status of stock.


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