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Lamps and shades are always delivered as new from the manufacturer, in prime quality and without any flaws or damages (unless otherwise stated). Which means in the category in our webshop shown as 1. Quality (New).

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Lamps and similar items

Lamps and other electronic components that is sold at DPH Trading is approved for sale in all EU countries (CE mark).

Old Chinese Porcelain and Chinese Lamps

DPH Trading have at all times a large stock of new antique, as well as semi-antique Chinese porcelain. For old lamps, the description may say antique or semi-antique (the porcelain is old, but the electric parts are new, meeting all the electric standards within EU (the CE mark)).

Almost any jar or vase in our assortment can be installed as a table lamp in our own workshop. All our lamps meet the electric standards for sale within the EU (CE marked).

Representation of the lamps

The images displayed in our web site are only examples of how the Chinese items may look. Since all jars are different from each other, we have made an effort to photograph the jars/vases which are most representative of our selection.

Are you looking for a jar or vase with a specific motif, it is necessary to visit our showroom in Odense, where our total selection can be seen.

Mange forskellige belysningsløsninger hos DPH Trading