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Classical Table Lamps

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For many years DPH Trading has imported lamps from Spain, Portugal and Italy. The lamps are carefully selected with focus on elegance, exclusiveness and quality. Our large selection of lamps makes it possible for you to find exactly the lamp that fits into your personal style.

Brass Table Lamps Classic Design - Save up to 50 %

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60 products
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Classic table lamps

Our classic brass table lamps include a wide selection of table lamps in various colours, heights and shapes. If you need a high table lamp, for example to a console in a hall, our slim bronze table lamps of 70 to 100 cm - depending on the shade you choose - is a good suggestion.

Crystal table lamps or table lamps in glass have always been popular. They are an alternative to Holmegaard table lamps that are beautiful, but very simple and minimalist in their design.

Heiberg bordlampe

White table lamp

Black table lamp

Buddha figurines with classic candlesticks and table lamps

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica and classic candlesticks and table lamp

Classic glas table lamp on mirror tray

Buddha figurines and classical candleholders and Table lamp