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Anniversary Bonbonniere with tulip, standing, Royal Copenhagen Easter Egg 2015

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  • Year: 2015
  • Type: Porcelain (Underglaze)
  • Measurement: H: 16 cm
About the product
The standing bonbonniere has become a collectible to many people through the years. In 2015 Royal Copenhagen issues a standing bonbonniere with tulip, together with an anniversary bonbonniere - also with tulip - to celebrate the 10th year for the first Easter Eggs. The large Royal Copenhagen Easter Egg 2015 depict a beautiful pink heartease. The small Easter Eggs from Royal Copenhagen continue the tradition with depicting different spring flowers and butterflies. This year we see two Easter Eggs with blue and pink butterflies surrounded by bistort. Of spring flowers we see a blue speedwell and a blue/white heartease, while we also for the first time find some of our most beloved small fruits - blackberry and raspberry.