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Santa's presents 2015, Bing & Grondahl Christmas plate

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Before: USD 110.60 Now USD 94.68
  • Year: 2015
  • Color: Blue and White
  • Type: Porcelain (Underglaze)
  • Measurement: Ø: 18 cm
About the product
2015 Bing & Grondahl Christmas plate, designed by Jørgen Nielsen, is titled Santa's presents. The Christmas plate 2015 depicts a beautiful sleigh with Santa and his many presents. The sleigh is drawn by two loyal reindeer who can draw the sleight safe through the snow so all the presents will reach their destination before Christmas. The interpretation of Santa's sleigh and how he deliver the presents are many. Many of us start thinking of the story of the reindeer Rudolph with his red nose, when we see a sleigh with reindeers. If you choose to beliver this story there were originally eight reindeers but on Christmas Eve Santa and the sleigh were struck by a thick fog which made it impossible for the reindeers to find the right way. By coincidence the sleigh pass Rudolph who's red nose lights up the fog around him. Santa asks Rudolph to walk in front of the sleigh so his nose can light up the fog. At this point Rudolph is very happy and proud though he has always hated his red nose.
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