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All prices that can bee seen at is our sales prices

The prices in UDS, EUR or other currencies are as an estimated price.

There might be errors or price changes.

Why are the prices not the same for every country?

The displayed prices depend on the chosen delivery country. The selection of the delivery area is made in the top right corner (click on the flag).

All prices are based on the same base price. Prices change if you select a different delivery area than an EU country. This happens because countries outside the EU do not have to pay Danish VAT. Prices for non-EU countries are shown exclusive of (without) customs duties and any VAT. Therefore, the prices appear lower if the delivery country/area is a country outside the EU.

Please note: If the goods are sent to a country outside the EU, certain charges - such as VAT and customs duties - will usually be added by your country's customs authorities upon delivery.

All prices for delivery in countries within the EU are inclusive of (with) VAT.