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61 products
1997 Scandia Tin candlestick, mimulus
1997 Scandia Tin candlestick, mimulus
1997 Scandia Tin candlestick, mimu...
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Item no: SCL1997 Year: 1997 Measurement: H: 7 cm
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Among our candleholders on sale you can find many of the wellknown Asmussen Hamlet candleholders. We have a large selection at a reasonable price and they have the tasteful Asmussen design that made them so popular as gifts in Denmark. They always sets themselves well on a table and look great almost no matter what they are combined with. We have them on sale as long as they are in stock. So buy yours while they are still available!

From Scandia Tinn in Sweden we have a series of Annual candleholders in pewter tin with the year and engravede flowers on the backside. Many of these are on sale at a very reasonable price that they might come to make joy on many a table. Tin has become popular again with its rustic metal grey colour, so now you have the chance to get some for your interior design.

Quite unique and at a very low price we also have our own tealight stones made from stones collected in Denmark that have been polished and drilled out for a tealight candle. The price is so reasonable that you could easily by a large amount to make a setup with tealight candles.