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1983 Gustavsberg special Christmas plate

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  • Year: 1983
  • Color: Blue and White
  • Type: Porcelain (Underglaze)
  • Measurement: Ø: 20 cm
About the product
1983 Gustavsberg Special Edition Christmas Plate, Christmas Platter No. 11.

This 1983 Gustavsberg Christmas plate in blue and white hues displays a bustling street filled with lots of snow and Christmas trees. You can see people buying Christmas trees and children sledding. This special edition, with a diameter of 20 cm, is not just a collectible but also an ideal lunch plate that can contribute to the festive atmosphere at Christmas lunches or as a delicate starter plate for Christmas Eve dinner.

This plate has been made to special order in 2,000 copies, after which the original plate is destroyed. No further production occurs. The motif is based on a drawing made by Tycho Ödberg in 1899, "Stureplan during Christmastime". The drawing has been processed by Björn Olsson.

*Please note that the plate has no holes on the back and is supplied without a hanger. To hang up the plate, a separate hanger must be purchased.
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