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Memorialplates designed by Arnold Krog (1884-1916) - Royal Copenhagen

The very rare anniversary and memorial plates from Royal Copenhagen were designed by Arnold Krog, when he was employed at the Royal Porcelain Factory from 1884 to 1916. Click here and see our selection of the rare plates.

The following anniversary and memorial plates from Royal Copenhagen was designed by Arnold Krog, when he was employed at the Royal Porcelain Factory from 1884 to 1916.

Nr. 1 The Scandinavian Exhibition in Copenhagen for industry, agriculture, and art. Crown over three wavy lines. Designed by Arnold Krog.
Nr. 2 King Christian IX.s and Queen Louise's golden wedding. Crowned face to face monogram C9L and the year 1892 over three wavy lines.
Nr. 3 Crownprince Frederik's and Crownprincess Louise's silver wedding. Crowned face to face monogram FL and years 1860-1804 under which three wavy lines.
Nr. 4 Women's exhibition in Copenhagen "past and present". Inscription: KVINDERNES UDSTILLING 1895, three wavy lines, and flower-motif.
Nr. 6 The wedding of Princess Louise of Denmark to Prince Friederich of Schaumburg-Lippe. Crowned monogram LF and year MDCCCLXXXXVI
over three wavy lines
Nr. 7 The wedding of Prince Carl of Denmark to Princess Maud of Great Britain and Ireland. Crowned monogram CM and year MDCCCLXXXXVI over three wavy lines
Nr. 8 The wedding of Princess Ingeborg of Denmark to Prince Carl of Sweden.
Crowned face to face monogram CI and the year 1897.
Nr. 10 Art and industry exhibition in Stockholm. Dome of building over which three crowns. Below inscription : STOCKHOLM 1897. On the left crowned vase with the letters K.P.F. (Kongelige Porcelains Fabrik) and the year 1807.
Nr. 11 The royal crown of Sweden. Made on
occasion of the art- and industry
exhibition in Stockholm.
Nr. 12 Three wavy lines. Made on occasion of
the art- and industry exhibition in
Nr. 13 Bull in a landscape with barrow. Inscription: VNITIS VIRIBUS (by united
efforts) and in a clover leaf the letters J.L.F. and years 1872-07. Comm. on occasion of the Jutland farmers associations' exhibitionin Aarhus.
Nr. 14 Dragon pierced by rapier with guard formed by three rings. The point forms
the figure I in the year 1897. Inscription: SCTO GEORGIO IUVANTE (by the help of Saint George). Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for its hospital on Iceland.
Nr. 15 Saint George killing the dragon. On the left the city-arms of Copenhagen under which the three rings of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Inscription: AEGROTANTIUM MEDICUS (The healer of the suffering).Comm. by the order for its hospital on Iceland. 
Nr. 16 - 16A Queen Louise's 80th birthday. Oval plates with crowned, reliefed circumference. Face
to face monogram L composed of leaves under
which the date 1817 - 7 Septmb - 1807 - also available in gold
Nr. 17 - 17A King Christian IX's 80th birthday.
Matching no 16. Face to face monogram C9
under which the date and years
1818 - 8 April' - 1808 - also available in gold

Nr. 18 Prince Christian's (later King Christian X) wedding to Princess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg. The edge shaped in three curves. Crown and the year 1898 under which face to face monogram CA.
Nr. 19  Crowned navigational buoy with the inscription DANMARK positioned outside Elsinore castle with seagulls in the air. Inscription: 18 D.T.F. 98 (tourist association of Denmark). Comm. by this association.
Nr. 20 Flower motif with inscription i. og L.U. NAKSKOV 1898 (Industrial- and
agricultural exhibition in Nakskov). Comm. by the exhibition.
Nr. 21 The monument commemorating the Danish soldier in the war with Slesvig-Holsten 1848-3o (sculp. H. V.Bissen). Inscription: FOR KONGE OG FOR LAND (for King and country) 1848-1898. Comm. by the committee for the celebration of the 5oth anniversary of the war, celebrated in the Royal Gardens of Rosenberg (Copenhagen).
Nr. 22 Icelandic falcon on a dragon pierced by a rapier which guard is formed by three rings, cf. no 14. Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for its hospital on Iceland.
Nr. 23 Coat of arms. In the shield an eagle's foot, on the helmet armed hand between two eagle-wings. Inscription: 1873-1898. Comm. by the wine-merchants I.C.Teilmann on occasion of their 25th anniversary.
Nr. 24 The cenotaph on Skamlingsbanken (hill in the southern part of Jutland). Three shields, inscription on the left F.D.S.S., in the middle the coat of arms of Slesvig and to the right SANDHED OG RET (truth and justice). Comm. by Sønderjysk Centralforening.
Nr. 26  Advancing soldiers and officer on horseback. Clouds with inscription: FREM GIK DE DANSKE DRENGE TIL SEJR OG TIL DØD (the Danish soldiers marched on to victory and death); below the inscription 1849 - 6 JULI - 1899
FREDERICIA. Commemorative plate for the 50th anniversary of the battle of
Nr. 27 Barrow and rising sun. Inscription : 1849 - FREDERICIA - 1890 6. JULI. On barrorv OLAF RYE D. 6. JULI 1849. Commemorative plate for the 50th anniversary of the battle of Fredericia 6th July 1849 and for the general Olaf Rye, who died in the battle.
Nr. 28 Polarbear pierced by rapier with guard formed by three rings, cf. no 14. Inscrip-tion: CAPTIVORUM LIBERATOR (liberator of the captives) . Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for its hospital on Iceland.
Nr. 29 A geyser on Iceland. In the foreground a dragon pierced by rapier with guard formed by three rings. Inscription : AEGROTANTIUM MEDICUS (the healer of the suffering) . Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for its hospital
on Iceland.
Nr. 31 Skogafos waterfall, in the foreground half submerged in the water a dragon pierced by rapier with guard formed by three rings. Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for its hospital on Iceland.
Nr. 33 Insignia and letters I.O.O.F. Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Denmark. 
Nr. 35 Eagle on branch. Inscription: COELESTEM ADSPICIT LVCEM (it beholds the heavenly light) - the inscription over the entrance to the university of Copenhagen. Below the towers of the city and three wavy lines and
above the years 1874-1899. Comm. by the students of 1874 on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. 
Nr. 37 Viking ship steering Southwest. In the sail the Danish arms over three wavy lines. Inscription: ANNO 1900. Commemorating the Danish participation in the World Exhibition in Paris that year. 
Nr. 38 Norwegian mountain-side and fjord with viking ship under sail. Inscription: D.N.V. (Danish-Norvegian friendship association) and the year 1000. 
Nr. 39 Sfinx sitting on globe and holding snake in its claw. Sunrise and the years 1901 on top of plate. Below urn with the year 1900, commemorating the turn of the century. 
Nr. 40 Thistles and inscription: GLASGOW 1901. Comm. by the exhibition in Glasgow in 1901. 
Nr. 42 The coronation of King Edward VII of Great Britain and Ireland and Queen
Alexandra. Crowned monogram EA, below the year MCMII and three wavy lines.
Inscription: REX ET IMP. REG. 
Nr. 44 Crowned monogram MA, inscription : MAIFEST 1903 (May-day festival), made on occasion of a festival under the protection of the princesses Marie
and Alexandrine. 
Nr. 46 The 40th anniversary of King Christian IX. Crowned face to face monogram and the years 1863-1903. 
Nr. 47 Ornamental design with 4 crowns. Inscription: ST. LOVIS EXHIBITION
Nr. 48 Star shining over font from which two snakes are drinking. Below initials D.A.F. (Danish teetotallers' association) and the years 1879-1004. Comm. by the association for its 25th anniversary. 
Nr. 53  Stallion standing in front of a tree. Inscription : DEN JYDSKE INDUSTRI- OG LANDBRUGS-UDSTILLING HORSENS MCMV (Industrial- and agricultural exhibition for Jutland in Horsens). 
Nr. 55 Seal with a salmon in its mouth. In thebackground sailing boats. Below a fishingnet with a laurel wreath and inscription : xx AARSMØDE 1905, monogram FF (Fishery Association) and crowned initials V and M (Prince Valdemar and Princess Marie, protectors of the fishery exhibition). Comm. by the association. 
Nr. 59 Mercury staff with letters F.D.HI. (Association of Danish Commercial
Travellers) in a shield around which 5 motifs shorvingvarious means of transport.
Below the years 1866-1906. Comm. by F.D.H. on occasion of its 40th anniversary. 
Nr. 60 The accession to the throne of King Frederik VIII. Crowned plate with face
to face monogram F8L (Queen Louise) and the year 1906. 
Nr. 61 Coronation of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud of Norway. Crowned face to face monogram H7M and the year 1006. 
Nr. 64 Commemorative plate for King Christian IX. Crowvned laurel wreath and face to face monogram C9. 
Nr. 67 The vestfront of Viborg Cathedral in ornamental frame With the city arms
of Viborg. Inscription: A.DOM.MCMVI (anno domini 1906) : commemorating the
completion of the frescoes by Joachim Skovgaard in the church. 
Nr. 71 Aarhus Cathedral. Two sitting figures (St.Clemens and St.Paul), two towers, the sun and the moon, below wavy lines - a free composition over the city arms of Aarhus. Inscription : AARHUS 1907. Commemorating the beginning of the restoration of the church. 
Nr. 75 Cross and in the background silhouette of an island. Inscription: PAX IN TERRA (peace on earth). Comm. in aid of the Virgin-Islands' churchfund. 
Nr. 77 Crowned M and anchor (monogram of Princess Marie) in sunrays which penetrate a cloud. Inscription: BENEDIC. DEO ET MORERE. Below the year 1907 and three rings. Comm. by the Independent Order of Odd Felloms in aid of its hospital in the Danish Virgin Islands. 
Nr. 78 The motif is a copy of a 4 øre stamp. Inscription: FRIMÆRKEUDSTILLING MCMVII (stamp exhibition 1907). Comm. by the Philatelist Club. 
Nr. 80 Royal Life-guard on duty at Amalienborg castle, garlanded by two medalions in which the crowned monograms of F3 (King Frederik III) 1658 and F8 (King Frederik VIII) 1908. Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Royal Life-guard Regiment. 
Nr. 81 Two crossed colours with shield with inscription: 30 NOV 1657-1907 and below 6. BATAILLON : round the edge the major battles in which the battalion took part: NYBORG 1659-WISMAR 1675 - RYGEN 1715 - TRELDESKANSEN 1849 - DYBBØL 1848-64. Commemorating the 25oth anniversary of the battalion. 
Nr. 84 Scene from the beach at Fanoe with bathingmachines and a girl. Inscription: FANØ. 
Nr. 85 Crowned anchor with a triangle and inscription: ST.CLEMENS. Comm. by the Freemason Lodge S t. Johannes St.Clemens Orient in Aarhus, founded 1871. 
Nr. 86 Oval crowned platter. Lamb lying on a rock. Danish flag and triangle with
inscription : ST.CLEMENS and round the border: SUB CRUCE CLEMENTIA CRESCIT (under the cross clemency grows). Comm. by the Freemason Lodge St. Clemens in Aarhus. 
Nr. 89 Danish flag and coat of arms. In the background the cathedral of Aarhus and Marselisborg castle in sunrise. Inscrip tion: LANDSUDSTILLINGEN i AARHUS 1909 (National exhibition in Aarhus). 
Nr. 91 Viking ship with the Danish coat of arms and the word CARITAS in the sail. On the stone with an agave plant the inscription MESSINA 1908. The plate was issued for the benefit of the Danish relief mission to Messina after the earthquake on the 28th of December, 10.08, where 60,000 people died. 
Nr. 97 The wedding of Prime Harald of Denmark to Princess Helena of Slesvig-Holsten-Sønderborg-Glücksborg. Crowned monogram HH and ribbon with inscription : MAI MCMIX. 
Nr. 100 Crowned shield with the cross of Saint Andrew and four roses. Inscription: DE FIRE ROSER -CARITATE DEI (the four roses - by charity of God) . Comm. by the Freemason lodge of Saint Andrew in Aarhus, founded 1908. 
Nr. 101 Oval plate shaped as a crowned shield. Motif, inscription and commission as no. 100. 
Nr. 102 Statue of Liberty and Elsinore castle. Inscription : AMERIKA - DANMARK 1909. Comm. by the American exhibition in Aarhus. 
Nr. 103 Copenhagen city arms and the year 1909. Initials I.M.C. (International Congress for Raw-material Testing). 
Nr. 104 Commemorative plate for Princess Marie. Crowned laurel wreath with anchor and letter M. (same model as no. 64). 
Nr. 116 The coronation of King George V and Queen Mary of Great Brifain and Ireland. Crowned monogram GM and the year MCMXI. 
Nr. 127 Danish vikingship and inscription: DANMARK ROUEN MCMXI. Made to commemorate the loooth anniversary for the Danish viking Rollo's conquest of Normandy QII. 
Nr. 133 Scene from the beach at The Skaw. In the foreground a rowing boat with
inscription SKAGEN (the Skaw). 
Nr. 135 Royal Danish hussar in landscape. Round the edge a garland with hvo cartridepoucbes carrying crowned-monograms F5 and F VIII (King Frederik V and King Frederik VIII). Inscription: GARDEHUSARREGIMENTET 1762-1912. Comm. by the Royal Hussar Regiment on occasion of its 15oth anniversary. 
Nr. 137 Crowned coronation plate made on occasion of the ascension to the throne of King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine. Face to face monogram CXA and the year 1912. 
Nr. 138 Crowned commemorative plate for King Frederik VIII. Laurel wreath in the
center face to face monogram F8 and the year MCMXII. 
Nr. 144 Landscape mith farm. Inscription : TIL DANMARKS ÆRE SAN FRANCISCO CAL. 1915 (to tbe honour of Denmark). Comm. by the Danish committee of the exhibition in San Francisco, cf. no. 155 and 157. 
Nr. 148 The mill of Dybbøl with a laurel wreath border. Inscription: 1864-1914 C IX and C X (the Kings Christian IX and Christian X). Made on occasion of the 5oth anniversary of the battle at Dybbøl (Denmark v. Germany). 
Nr. 153 Crowned face to face monogram A (Queen Alexandrine). Inscription: HVER ER SIN GAVE LIG VÆRE SIG FATTIG ELLER RIG (a gift is appreciated epually whether it comes from rich or poor). Comm. by the charity "Dronningens fuleindsamling" (The Queen's Christmas fund). 
Nr. 154 Silhouette of Queen Alexandra of Great Britain and Ireland. Inscription: 1844 ALEXANDRA 1914. Made on occasion of the Queen's 7oth birthday. Silhouette by Else Hasselriis. 
Nr. 155 Crowned mark of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, the year 1915 and inscription SAN FRANCISCO. Made on occasion of the factory's participation in the world exhibition. 
Nr. 158 Triangular plate with the silhouettes of the Kings of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and the arms of the countries. Inscription: MALMØ DEC. MCMXIV REGIS AD EXEMPLAR (example for a king). Made on occasion of the meeting of the three Scandinavian Kings in Malmø (Sweden). Silhouettes by Else Hasselriis. 
Nr. 164 Danish landscape with flag and corn sheaf. Inscription: DANMARK OG DANMARKS ÆRE (Denmark and the honour of Denmark). Round the border lions and hearts (from the Danish arms). Comm. by the Danmark-Samfundet (the Denmark association). 


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