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Elvis Jubilee plate, Corell Porcelain Denmark

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USD 11.53
  • Brand: Other Manufacturer
  • Item no: CEXXXX
  • Color: Blue and White,Gold
  • Type: Porcelain (Decorated w/gold)
  • Measurement: Ø: 20 cm
About the product
Elvis commemorative plate, produced by Corell Porcelain Denmark. Inscription on the back of the plate (in Danish): On January 8, 1935, Elvis Presley was born, and since then, the world has not been the same. Elvis became a legend in almost the entire world's music scene during his lifetime, and as a result, Corell Porcelain has found it natural to celebrate this day with a specially made 50th-anniversary plate as our tribute to the world's best interpreter of popular music.