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Figurine Series by Royal Copenhagen - Bing & Grondahl etc.

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Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl have manufactured many figurine series. Sometimes the series represent a specific character like Santa, Christmas tree, Vikings or angels. Other times the series consist of different characters but with same theme like mini circus figurines or mini children figurines.

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Figurine series in porcelain from Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen

Both Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen have made figurine series with a particular theme. The figurine series are characterized by a new porcelain figurine beeing released in the series every year or that all figurines are released at the same time and together they make a unit.

One of the most well-known figurine series from Royal Copenhagen is the Annual Santa, in which a new porcelain figurine of Santa Claus is still published every year. Each Annual Santa symbolizes some of the things that we associate with Santa Claus and Christmas - the kids who make their Christmas wishes, Santa Claus coming through the chimney and so on.

As a complement to the Annual Father Christmas (Annual Santa) , Royal Copenhagen in 2007 for the first time released an annual porcelain Christmas tree, which is also still published and extended with a new edition every year around Christmas time.

An other porcelain figurine series that should be mentioned is the figurine series of the Annual Little Angels from Bing & Grondahl (Royal Copenhagen). The porcelain angels are no longer in production, but they were issued in the period from 2004 to 2010.

From Bing & Grondahl the most famous series is the cute porcelain teddy bears Victor and Victoria, which started in 1997. Unfortunately B&G teddy bears are no longer in production, but they are still popular collectibles and gift wishes.

Perhaps the inspiration for the Royal Copenhagen series of a cute teddy bear, called Freddie, was found in the Bing & Grondahl Victor and Victoria figures. Freddie porcelain figurine appeared from 2000 to 2003, a total of 4 pieces.

Both Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen have released various annual figurines. Annual porcelain figurines from Royal Copenhagen were first published in 2004 and a new figurine, or sometimes two, is still published every year. The annual porcelain figurines by Royal Copenhagen relate to the motif of the annual Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate, but they can also easily stand alone. Bing & Grondahl annual figurines go back longer. The first Annual Figurine was released in 1982 and the last in 2010. The annual porcelain figurines from B&G have been released over many years and can be divide into small series with six figurines in each that have the same theme.

Bing & Grondahl Mother's Day plates are known by many and for some years B&G released several cute porcelain figurines of animals that fit the motif of the Mother's Day plate.

In a period Royal Copenhagen released a few different series of small porcelain figurines in the series Toy figures, Mini Children porcelain figurines, Mini Circus porcelain figurines, and a series of Mini Summer and Winter children porcelain figurines. All four series can be combined and complement each other beautifully.

Royal Copenhagen did many things to celebrate the Millennium and in doing so the factory released, among other things, a figure series of porcelain figurines named Emma and Frederick, who travel around the world.

With respect for the Danish history back in the Viking days, Royal Copenhagen has also manufactured a series of porcelain figurines of Vikings. The series was published from 2003 and 2006.



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